My sculptures are abstract, and made from steel and concrete. I use industrial materials such as rebar or nails and form them into flowing natural designs.  When I am building a sculpture it shows me ways of solving structural problems. The places that transfer as the structural integrity of the sculpture are representative of the social connections that we have as humans; where the integrity is the strongest. This world provides at every level an abundance of whatever we need for life to survive. It is a collective effort from all of life, together. When there is break down, or disconnect the structure loses its integrity. There are lessons in everything, each moment of life. If we are conscious then we can identify what is needed to move into balance.

Relationship Wrestling
“Relationship Wrestling”
Size: 24″x 24″

Connection “Connection”
Size:19″x 24″
Medium: Steel, aluminum

Revolve “Revolve”
Size: 19″x 24″
Medium: Steel and Concrete